Linux in The News May 2, 2022

Last Updated on May 2, 2022 by KC7NYR

KDE Releases Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04 with Lots of Goodies for Linux Phone Users

Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04

The KDE Project released today Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04 as the latest version of this software suite for the Plasma Mobile desktop environment for Linux-powered mobile devices.

Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04 is here with lots of goodies for Linux mobile users, starting with many improvements to the Shell, including the ability to switch homescreens, which paves the way to support for third-party homescreens in the KDE store.

The Homescreen also received a new grow/shrink animation to make app icons feel more reactive to user interaction, and bold text for apps to improve readability. On the other hand, the Task Switcher received a new feature that lets users sort tasks by “when they were opened” instead of alphabetically.

Moreover, the navigation panel was made opaque when the keyboard is open, the action drawer can now be opened from the lock screen with restricted permissions and it is now possible to reorder the Quick Settings in the “Shell” settings module. On top of that, the media player was updated to support concurrent streams.

Also improved in the Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04 are the Settings app with a redesigned cellular networks settings module and updated APN page, the Plasma Dialer app with support for the callaudiod daemon from the Mobian project, as well as the Clock app with support for Flatpak background portals to start the daemon in a sandbox.

The Tokodon Mastodon client has been updated as well in this major release with a redesigned user profiler viewer that now displays all the information available from your Mastodon account, along with the ability to interact (follow, block, and mute) with other Mastodon accounts.

The new Kalendar app is now part of the Plasma Mobile Gear software suite since it works on mobile devices too (it was added to the KDE Gear 22.04 software suite for the Plasma desktop last week).

Among other improvements, Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04 further improves the Nextcloud Talk client app, yet it’s not yet recommended for production use, adds various UI improvements to the header toolbar and app navigation, improves the “Add Attachment” layout, adds notification setting options to show or hide the sender and message content on the lock screen, implements support for selecting a phone number for contacts that have multiple numbers attached, and adds support for clickable links in messages.

For more details (with screenshots), check out the release announcement page. Meanwhile, if you have a mobile device using the Plasma Mobile desktop environment, keep an eye on the updates panel for the new Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04 packages.