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What is C4 FM

The introduction of C4FM / FDMA technology is the beginning of a new digital communication system in Amateur Radio world. The most attractive advantage of digital communication is the ability to transfer large amounts of data. The 12.5 kHz channel spacing in using the C4FM FDMA digital modulation mode allows high-speed data communication with reliable voice communication and strong error correction performance.

C4FM FDMA offers a 9.6 kbps data transfer rate speed. It differs significantly from existing digital radio systems and expands the possibilities for interesting amateur radio activities in the future.

The C4FM / FDMA technology provides three digital modes and an analog mode (FM) V / D-mode voice and data communication in the same time frame. This mode allows voice data with GPS position data and the ID data to be sent in the same time frame. In addition, transmitting the voice data with strong error correction data, this mode that contributes to the stabilization of the digital communication. This mode is the basic mode of C4FM FDMA Digital HAM radio system.

Data FR mode uses the full data rate of capacity for the Transmission of data. This mode allows you to transfer large amounts of data, text messages, pictures and voice notes data at twice the speed as the V / D-mode. Voice-FR mode uses the full data rate of capacity for voice data. This mode allows a clear high quality voice data transmission.

Analog FM mode is the same as the current FM mode used by all
VHF / UHF amateur radio operators . A very useful Automatic Mode Select function identifies and selects These four modes automatically upon receipt of the respective signal.

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System Fusion – Mostly referred to as Fusion is the newest digital radio mode. It was designed by Yaesu and is not an open standard. Yaesu is the only manufacturer of radios for this mode. Yaesu repeaters are true multi-mode capable and can replace an existing analog repeater while still providing digital capabilities.

I monitor 443.050 (locally), which connects me Worldwide to Americas Link.

I run a Yaesu FT70D handheld radio, I can hook it up to an outdoor antenna if needed. Works great!

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