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Mesh Networking Applications

Ham Chat (All apps on this page are for the WRT54G Router Only)

For the West-side Mesh Network Project Applications Click Here

The first application to load would be Ham Chat. I currently use Hamchat to send out messages seeking other local nodes to connect with or to chat.

Install Instructions to Hamchat:

Click on this link, , and download to your PC.

Go to the Administration page on your node, click on [Choose File] in the PACKAGE MANAGEMENT section, and select the file you just downloaded.
Click [Open] in the file selector window (hitting <RETURN> usually works too).
The file name will appear next to the [Choose file] button.
Press [Upload].

After the HamChat package has been installed the following message will appear on the webpage:

Installing hamchat (0.1) to root…
Configuring hamchat
hamchat has been installed.

For modifications see the file /www/hamchat/README

To use, browse to http://localnode:8080/cgi-bin/

Information about Teamspeak 3 and BBHN
Written by Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP

TeamSpeak 3 and Broadband-Hamnet Meshed Networks

TeamSpeak 3 is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application that is very popular in the online gaming fraternity. It also has some very useful features for Amateur radio meshed network applications.

TeamSpeak 3 Voice Functionality Applicable to Amateur Radio

On a network there must be at least one TeamSpeak 3 server running while all the users (Hams) connect as clients. This client-server architecture is very common and fortunately easy to set up.

TeamSpeak 3 can then be configured to provide the following:

Public Channels. This is similar to a 2m or 70cm repeater where anybody can tune into the repeater (select the appropriate channel) and communicate through it. It is also possible to configure multiple Public Channels, providing the same functionality as a network or group of repeaters, each on its own frequency, which provides coverage of a town or metropolitan area.

Private Channels provide nearly the same functionality as you and your buddies’ favourite simplex FM channel, but probably over extended distances depending on the coverage offered by the meshed network.

TeamSpeak 3 differs in one important aspect from classic 2-way radio: It is full duplex and it allows multiple users to talk at the same time.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) is implemented in one of the following three ways and an operator can easily on the fly choose the best one for the applicable situation:

Live mic: The microphone is always on and the audio is continuously transmitted. Very useful in some emergency communications. In TeamSpeak 3 this is called “Continuous Transmission”.

VOX: Audio is only transmitted when spoken into the microphone. TeamSpeak 3 calls this “Voice Activation Detection”.

The other option is “Push-To-Talk” where a key on the keyboard, such as the spacebar, is assigned the PTT functionality.

Getting on the air and starting to chat away is as simple as selecting your favourite channel and giving your friends a call, similar to chatting on a 2m repeater. The only difference is the crystal clear audio only available through broadband digital networks.

TeamSpeak 3 Keyboard-to-Keyboard Chat

PSK-31 type keyboard-to-keyboard chat is also possible. An added benefit is that a message can be left even though the other Ham may not be at his computer at the time. On his return he’ll find it on his screen, very similar to the well-known “Skype” application.
TeamSpeak 3 File Transfer.

It is a simple matter to send photos or any file to a selected person or persons. This is very useful during emergencies where a picture can tell a story of a thousand words or where a situation rapport must be delivered. Hamnet at its best!

Licensing and Costs

TeamSpeak 3 is free for non-commercial groups or individuals who wish to host a single server with up to 32 slots.

For larger groups a “Non-Profit” license is available at no cost. This caters for up to two servers with up to 512 slots. The person hosting the server(s) needs to register and provide an active email address.

The above licencing options are very applicable to Broadband-Hamnet meshed network applications and should cater for the vast majority of requirements.
Installing TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak 3 can be found at Click on “Downloads” and select the Client version applicable to your operating system.

Download PDF Instructions

Remote Control HF Rig Over Mesh
Written by Jim Kinter, K5KTF

How to setup a Remote Control of a Radio Across the Mesh

Items needed:
• Radio (Yaesu FT-897D used in this example)
• Phone Patch (Kenwood PC-1A used here)
• Mesh Node
• ATA VoIP Adapter (Grandstream HT286 used here)
• NTE6408 DIAC (could use NTE6409, 6411 or 6412, depending on the on-hook voltage presented)
• Short chunk of telephone cable with RJ-11
• Short section of small coax with 1/8″ mono plug
• Cabling to connect phone patch to radio (setup specific)
• VoIP system (I used the Asterisk server already installed on K5KTF-USB with an extension setup for this use).

Download PDF Instructions

VoIP over Mesh
Written by Jim Kinter, K5KTF

There have been a few people working on doing VoIP telephony over mesh.

Here is a completely portable unit, with the ATA (analog to digital adapter) and its 12VDC to 5VDC switching regulator built into the node enclosure. Then custom-cut cabling (both 4-wire RJ11 telephone cable and the RJ45 network cable), and then its all strapped together using a velcro strap to each other to make a nice handy portable unit. (I know.. it will remind the old timers of the original cell-phone-in-a-bag….)

Download PDF Instructions

Westside Mesh Project Apps

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