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Jeanne Socrates on S/V Nereida (Amateur Call-VE0JS) – oldest woman to sail solo ​​nonstop​ ​unassisted around the world​. She is the first woman to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world from North America.

I learned about Jeanne Socrates (VE0JS) from a close friend Gerard (KE7CF). He made contact with her while she was sailing the open seas on 40 meters, frequency 7160. Time to monitor 7PM.

Check out her blog to follow her adventures.

K7ASJ – Aaron Schiess
VHF-UHF contact made while on a boat using an HT running 5 watts. He was 25 miles off the Lincoln City, Oregon. Read the complete story, K7SAJ – Working a Repeater With HT over Salt Water.

If you are interested in learning more how the propagation of VHF and UHF
radio waves over sea paths, download the pdf by Chow Yen Desmond Sim. Download tips, click on the download pdf link and it will open, then save as from the drop down menu. If this does not work try right clicking on download link and save as a pdf document or after opening the pdf document, try right clicking on the open area of the pdf then select save as.

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