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When it comes to getting the most enjoyment out of Amateur Radio, there is nothing more important than your antenna system. You can purchase the best ham transceiver on the planet, but if your antenna system is poor, your investment will largely go to waste. Read more about building simple antennas at

Antenna Projects

  • Spirally-Loaded Copper Tape and PVC Dipole – Easy to build, ultra-simple, continuously loaded shortened 2 Meter vertical dipole quickly made from PVC pipe and copper tape and only 40% as tall as a J-pole. Here is a remarkably simple, great starter antenna for a new ham. Yet it’s one that offers experienced-ham performance. Also, it’s stealthy – only 18 in. tall – less visible to neighbors and home-owners associations. It’s also a good temporary base station antenna for net control at parades and bike-a-thons. Further, it would be a good radio club build-it-yourself project. It may also be painted or enclosed.

Download the step by step instructions. By John Portune W6NBC

4 Element Yagi Beam Antenna for 20 meter

40m 2 El HQ Traps Yagi

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