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The AREDN Project Objectives:

Project’s focus is Emergency Communications (EmComm). It seeks to provide hams a means to implement this technology in practical ways to support local and regional emergency communications needs. Visit AREDN webpage for complete details and information.

Local AREDN Mesh Network

Consists of Intel & Washington County ARES nodes. They are currently independent of the Westside Mesh Project until we can link to their nodes in the future once we are capable. If you reside in the area, please try to connect to these nodes if possible.

Here a post from the Salem Mesh Network IO group which describes more about the nodes. They were built and maintained by NM7B.

New AREDN mesh in Hillsboro, Oregon

The Oregon site Intel Emergency Amateur Radio Service (IEARS) team is about halfway through development and deployment of an AREDN mesh network at the four main Intel Corporation campuses in the Hillsboro and Aloha, Oregon communities.

This mesh network consists of a combination of Ubiquiti Rocket M3’s, NanoStation M3’s, and NanoBridge M3 tying the Aloha, Ronler Acres, Jones Farm, and Hawthorn Farm campus Emergency Operations Centers together. Resources include a MeshChat server and Winlink RMS gateway. We hope to add some form of VoIP telephony as well.

The higher node location on top of Ronler Acres uses a 120 degree sector antenna to tie together the Aloha, Hawthorn Farm, and Jones Farm site.

It is also aimed across the east area of downtown Hillsboro to enable connection to government and non-governmental agencies which may wish to connect into the IEARS mesh. Some very preliminary testing indicates that a good path exists to Tuality Hospital which is a high rise in the middle of downtown Hillsboro. This would be an excellent distribution point to various agencies in the downtown Hillsboro area.

Another higher node will be installed at the Jones Farm campus co-located with the 444.975 MHz repeater antenna. This node will also use a 120 degree sector antenna aimed more to the southeast to connect to the Ronler Acres and Hawthorn Farm campuses, but some additional coverage of the downtown Hillsboro area is anticipated.

The mesh is currently operating on 3465 MHz at 5 MHz bandwidth. As this mesh is still under development, the frequency and bandwidth may change once the nodes are all installed and stabilized.

We did get a chance to exercise MeshChat on the AREDN mesh during the Oregon statewide Simulated Emergency Test last week. While the Winlink RMS gateway was out of play due to the rules of the scenario (loss of Internet) we did use AREDN to transfer multi-megabyte still photos and HD video clips of emergency response scenarios between the EOC’s. It was a good opportunity to show team members what AREDN could do, and brainstorm how we could improve its integration into the EOC’s.


AREDN Washington County Map

AREDN Intel Map

Long distance AREDN Mesh Network – Growing toward Portland, Oregon – Salem Mesh Network.

Join their weekly Salem Mesh Net weekly every Thursday from 7:00PM-8:00PM on the 145.29 MHz FM repeater ~2000 feet located in Silver Creek Falls. EchoLink — node is 592473. Net Control Brett KG7GDB.

Join to keep in touch with MESH networking efforts in our Valley. MESH involves high speed file and data exchange over a interconnected group of devices similar to high power WiFi devices. Dedicated Ham frequencies are available.

Willamette Valley Mesh Network

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