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LineageOS – Pi-Star – Zumspot
Summary: How to build a LineageOS – Pi-Star – Zumspot.
Net Control Station: K7SAK – Yuuki
Date: 9-11-18

LineageOS: is a free and open-source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android mobile platform. … Since Cyanogen Inc. retained the rights to the Cyanogen name, the project rebranded its fork as LineageOS.

Step 1: At the homepage to LineageOS — first thing you want to do is select the device you want (make sure it is the right one!) and get specific ROMS for it.

Step 2: Build for your device! Every officially-supported device has a comprehensive set of build instructions. Simply choose your device from the list of supported devices to get started.

2a: TWRP recovery image



Pi-Star: is a software image built initially for the Raspberry Pi (produced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation).
 The design concept is simple, provide the complex services and configuration for Digial Voice on Amateur radio in a way that makes it easily accessible to anyone just starting out, but make it configurable enough to be interesting for those of us who cant help but tinker.

Pi-Star can be what ever you want it to be, from a simple single mode hotsport running simplex providing you with access to the increasing number of Digital Voice networks, up to a public duplex multimode repeater!

Comment By K7SAK, Yuuki: There’s tons of great info and I have continued to experiment. I have officially moved my SD card to the phone running LineageOS so I’m all in myself and can answer more questions about that. If you have any questions for Yuuki, just use the Contact form and you will receive an answer back from Yuuki. Please allow some time for turn the around.

Pictures provided by Yuuki: coming soon!

1. K7SAK Zumspot on my desk

2. TWRP- mid installation via adb command line tool 

3. Boot splash screen

4. Stock home page


Zumspot: The ZUMspot RPi is an advanced radio module board. Paired with a Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi Zero WH (Required But Not Included) and the MMDVM software becomes a small and efficient multi-mode digital hotspot.


For detailed step by step instructions with pictures check – ZUMspot Raspberry Pi Info and Setup
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