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National Traffic System

During disasters or other emergencies, radiograms are used to communicate information critical to saving lives or property, or to inquire about the health or welfare of a disaster victim.

Local in Portland, Oregon we have a daily Net on VHF/UHF where you can learn how to pass and receive traffic. Its hosted on the Western Oregon Radio Club Repeater System (WORC). The frequencies are listed below.

Visit the Northwest Oregon Traffic and Training for complete details, and training.

The Western Oregon Radio Club Repeater System
All repeaters have a 107.2 hZ PL tone
Frequency Location
146.80 Clackamas, Or
145.43 Sandy, Or
442.875 Sandy, Or
442.525 Aloha, Or
145.270 Timber, Or
441.825 Timber, Or
145.470 Sherwood, Or
443.425 Sherwood, Or
442.925 Cascade Range
442.275 Newberg

Links & Nets

Northwest Oregon Traffic and Training: The NTTN is an Amateur Radio Net to handle formal written traffic into and out of the state of Oregon.

Radio Relay International Traffic System – Global Messaging by Amateur Radio –

National Traffic System Manual

West Coast Slow Speed Net (WCN) – Purpose of net is officially: a training net in traffic and net procedures. Some traffic is passed, mostly net reports. A good net to learn net procedures in CW environment. Most NCS run 10 wpm.

Net Information: Freq: 3540 kHz
Days: Daily
Time: 7PM Pacific time (winter schedule shifts to 6PM, currently most NCS also do an early call at 4PM due to conditions)
Coverage: South BC, WA, OR, CA, NV, ID, MT

QNI Newsletter – QNI is dedicated to promoting genuine emergency communications preparedness. Our newsletter is independently published and distributed free of charge to the Amateur Radio and emergency management community. To read or download the QNI Newsletter, visit their website at

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