Linux in The News 6-6-22

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Armbian 22.05 Released with Support for Orange
Armbian 22.05


The Armbian community announced today the release and general availability of Armbian 22.05 as the latest stable release of this promising Debian and Ubuntu-based operating system for ARM devices and x86 systems.

Armbian 22.05 is here three months after Armbian 22.02 and introduces support for the Orange Pi R1+ LTS, Orange Pi 3 LTS, Radxa Rock 3A and Zero, and ClockworkPi’s DevTerm A06 boards, support for the Linux 5.17 kernel series on the mvebu64 and UEFI EDGE kernel flavors, support for running x86_64 (64-bit) apps, as well as support for the NVIDIA graphics driver on the x86 desktop images.

This release also improves support for the Orange Pi Zero 2, Odroid N2, Tinker Board, Allwinner A20, and Allwinner H5 boards, improves support for the GNOME and Budgie desktop environments, as well as the Chromium web browser on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS-based images, improves the Realtek RTL8822BS wireless driver for Linux kernel 5.15 LTS, addresses HDMI flickering issues, and improves Docker support.

Support for the RK3328 SoC has been improved as well to work with Linux kernel 5.10, SATA support was fixed for Banana boards, improves support for the Marvell A3700 family of devices, adds temperature monitoring for the Jetson Nano Developer Kit, adds the Box86 emulator, and updates the u-boot patches for the JetHub D1 controller.

The full changelog is available here for more details on the changes implemented in the Armbian 22.05, which you can download for your device right now from the official website. With this release, the devs have put out a call to action for the community to help them maintain certain Armbian builds.

“We believe we are at an inflection point, where in order to move forward and address the Community’s needs, Armbian needs to transition to a new business model.  One where growth will require us to acquire additional funding before we can address many of the larger issues. For those who want to contribute time, please consider becoming a board maintainer of one of the many boards that Armbian supports.”