Linux in The News 2-27-23

Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by KC7NYR

New Raspberry Pi OS Release Adds Support for New Touchscreen and Video Drivers

Raspberry Pi OS 2023-02-21 is now available for download as the latest stable release for Raspberry Pi boards.

The official Raspberry Pi OS distribution for Raspberry Pi single-board computers has a new release after five months since the previous version bringing some new features, bug fixes, and updated components.

Raspberry Pi OS 2023-02-21 was quietly released by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and introduces support for a new touchscreen driver to the Screen Resolution tool, support for a new video driver called msdri3, and installs the kms++-utils package by default to allow you to set display resolution and depth in the kernel space.

Another interesting change in the new Raspberry Pi OS release is that the window titlebar buttons for GTK message dialogs have been moved to the right. Moreover, this release deprecated the glamor open-source 2D graphics driver for all Raspberry Pi boards except Raspberry Pi 4 with the legacy video driver.

Other than that, the KiCad open-source and free software suite for schematic capture and PCB design is now featured on the Recommended Software list, and the some Brazilian and Korean language translations have been added across the system.

A couple of bugs were addressed in this update to fix the Updater plugin to no longer clear the icon when an update fails, show keyboard highlights on the GTK switch control, and make Raspberry Pi Imager’s hidden SSID configuration work again.

Under the hood, Raspberry Pi OS 2023-02-21 is still based on the Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” operating system series, but ships with a newer kernel, namely Linux 5.15.84 LTS.

You can download Raspberry Pi OS 2023-02-21 right now from the official download server as a Standard image for ARM64 Raspberry Pi boards, a Full image for ARM64 Raspberry Pi boards, a Lite image for ARM64 Raspberry Pi boards, a Standard image for 32-bit ARM Raspberry Pi boards, a Full image for 32-bit ARM (ARMhf) Raspberry Pi boards, as well as a Lite image for 32-bit ARM (ARMhf) Raspberry Pi boards.