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MX Linux 23.2 Is Out with Linux Kernel 6.6, PipeWire 1.0, and Debian 12.4 Base

This is the second stable update for MX Linux 23 “Libretto” featuring improved installations and software selection.
MX Linux 23.2

The MX Linux devs released today MX Linux 23.2 as the second stable update to the latest MX Linux 23 “Libretto” series of this Debian-based distribution featuring Xfce, KDE Plasma, and Fluxbox editions, as well as a Raspberry Pi edition.

MX Linux 23.2 is here a little over three months after the first update, MX Linux 23.1, and it’s based on the software repositories of the latest Debian GNU/Linux 12 “Bookworm” point release, namely Debian 12.4.

On top of that, the AHS (Advanced Hardware Support) edition, which features the Xfce desktop environment, as well as the KDE Plasma edition, have been updated to Linux kernel 6.6 LTS in a Liquorix flavor, which is a kernel designed for improved responsiveness in interactive systems, low latency in audio/video production, and reduced frame time in video games.

The MX Linux AHS edition also received updated firmware and a recent Mesa graphics stack. The normal MX Linux Xfce edition and the Fluxbox edition are powered by another long-term supported kernel, namely Linux 6.1 LTS. All editions also received the latest PipeWire 1.0 multimedia framework.

Among other changes, MX Linux 23.2 updates the installer experience to address an issue with fstab generation, fix an issue for users of the “toram” live feature, and simplify the GUI. It also ships with the build-essential package by default in the ISO images for those who want to compile some drivers and don’t have access to the Internet.

The software selection suffered some changes too in this release. First, there are two new tools included by default, namely MX Locale for managing system locale information and default system language, as well as papirus-folder-colors for making Papirus-family themes with different folder colors.

In addition, the Webcamoid camera capture app was replaced with the Kamoso app in the KDE Plasma edition and with the Guvcview app in both the Xfce and Fluxbox editions.

Last but not least, MX Linux 23.2 includes a fix for the mx-comfort-themes package to improve the display of some apps that had white text on white backgrounds and black text on black backgrounds. This release also brings a new wallpaper option called. “MX LINUX Desert Landscape”, updated translations, and updated manual.

You can download MX Linux 23.2 right now from the release announcement page or by using the direct download links below for your convenience. Of course, existing MX Linux 23 users will only need to update their installations by running the sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade commands in the Terminal app.